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Water – first evolution

Water – first evolution

Water has a memory and carries within it our thoughts and prayers. As you yourself are water, no matter where you are, your prayers will be carried to the rest of the world”– Masaru Emoto

if there is one thing in common that all life forms have on planet Earth, it is water. It is the foundation of all existence. Water hydrates, breaks things down, helps things grow, cools things down, helps distribute heat evenly. It can travel against atmospheres of pressure, exist as a gas, a solid and a liquid as well as a universe of other known and unknown phenomena.


Something for you to ponder – the planet has been here for roughly four and a half billion years and water recycles itself over and over again. The water we drink and wash in today is that very same water that was here from the beginning. Isn’t that just incredible!



The significance of this is profoud. It has been found from studies recently conducted by scientists such as Dr. Jacques Benveniste that water has a cellular memory. What that means is that water stores information just like a computer of sorts. You can find more in-depth information out there but basically the guts of it is this – they took a body of water that was completely diluted, they then sound treated the water with the frequency from an non-diluted body of water. All matter being energy condensed is represented by a certain frequency which can be measure by sound.


it’s exactly the same thing when you record something on your computer — a song or a voice — and then you replay it. Your ear is vibrating the same way as if the person were in the room. The ear is fooled by the recording. The ear reacts just as if the singer were singing live in the room. You don’t know the frequencies involved, you just know that the voice coming out of the speaker exactly emulates how the singer would sound if they were live in the room.



In the same way, you can record the frequency spectrum of a substance.

The frequency spectrum of one body of water can be played to another and then receive trace elements of the physical characteristics from the first body of water. 

In this sense, sound can be looked at as data and water can be looked at as a computer. This automatically makes me think of the different environments we subject water to and how that affects our wellbeing when we absorb it. 

Going back now to what we were talking about earlier. The water that exists now is the same water that has existed since the beginning. Knowing what we think we know now about water, it could be said 
that water contains the history and information of every event that has ever happened on this planet. That is a lot of information to ingest from one cup of water! 


This may explain the phenomena we know as having a hunch or a feeling about something familiar.


snow tunnel near mutnovsky kamchatka, Russia

What does this have to do with home design do I hear you shout from the mountain tops through a golden megaphone?


That is entirely up to you. Think about where your water source is coming from. Think about how you use it, what you use it for, how you dispose of it.


Water loves to flow constantly as it does in rivers and streams. Does your home operate and run as a river or a stream?


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