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Tools to build and grow! – January 2015

Tools to build and grow! – January 2015

As the end of 2014 rears its saucy head, reflection of the past year becomes a reality.

The launching of the new course series (Regenerative Biotecture Course) was a huge success! We decided to combine hands on skills with nutrient dense meals, daily classes on different areas of sustainability, focus groups and an all round positive learning environment. People were given the opportunity to learn different natural/recycled building techniques and encouraged to adapt into their own design, suitable for their own bioregion.

Folks came from all over. Melbourne to perth, country NSW to New Zealand, New Caledonia to Namibia! All with the same longing, the same fire burning within them to make some sort of change in their own life and to help mend our relationship with the planet. A great reminder of why the hell we are actually doing this in the first place!


Another milestone has been securing the land which will home the new Earth school, Gondwana Institute. It is located in the misty foothills just behind Nimbin, NSW. The main school site is on a 50 acre portion of a 100 acre block that we will be remediating. It is an old dairy which has gone through decades of being heavily grazed.

The settlement just went through on the land (yahoooo!) so we are ready for action! We are in the process of building roads and getting the initial structures up to make life comfortable on Gondwana.

The school is going to be built and remediated completely by the students and facilitators. This is going to be a real hands on version of community building at its finest.


Now for the exciting part. This is the bit where you get to be involved.

We are launching another one week course set for the 20th January 2014!

You will learn skills everyday with your own hands through the guidance of highly experienced builders and teachers. Classes will be held by facilitators experienced  in areas of building, land design, food production, soil science and more!


The course will be completely catered for with three meals a day plus plenty of fresh fruit and refreshments. The meals will be made with love out of local/organic ingredients. There will be a large focus on nutrition for wellbeing and higher learning. It is said that a healthy mind and body starts from the gut outwards. This is the intention set for your sustenance during the course.

While doing the course, everyone is welcome to stay onsite and camp, free of charge. A large part of this type of learning is living in community. You will be living, learning, building, eating and evolving with the same group of people for one week.

for more info please follow this link

The future surely is a fine place to journey through



  1. James Quaglino

    I cant wait yo do a course with you all. In Coonabarabran a food co op has just opened and is doing well. I am bartering veg for grains and what ever looks good for my health. It is hard to stay focused on sustainable living but I no that like minded people will make a differ ens.My Partener and I are finishing up some finnatual things and then we will be able to get involved with educating our selfs and others. Keep up the good work James Fiona

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