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The whispering wind

I would like to introduce the whispering wind. As time rolls on faster and faster as it has in recent times, we only catch glimpses of lessons learned as they present themselves. The memories stay in your mind and then as the experiences build up, the mind moves on and distorts, even removes the memories from time to time. Some two legged uprights out there attempt to capture those memories and immortalise them. This happens through paintings, sculpture, song and the spoken word among many others. We like to refer to this immortalisation as the whispering wind. Just as the wind travels through your life with wisdom from our ancestors, so does art. 

We would like to encourage you to send in to us some of your writing, art, music, basically anything you have created that you are happy to share. If we feel inspired, with your permission we will put it on our website in monthly article titled, ‘the whispering wind’. 

There will be a theme each month. 

The theme for the upcoming article will be ‘personal freedom’. So if you have anything laying around that you feel will fit the theme or if you feel inspired to create, please do and send it in to us here.

We will get the ball rolling with a poem by our very own Duuvy Jester. It is about his own take on personal freedom.

Good luck and we look forward to being privileged enough to share your work with the world.


My Heroes have always been Cowboys 

This is a tribute to all the bent ones out there. Those of you who are the duckers and divers, who toe the edge and make reality your own. Those of you who arent afraid to be the weird shadow version of yourself, driving outta town makin’ 90 miles an hour, pickin up a little steam. You are all cowboys, in the most sweetest of ways.

When i was growing up, my heroes were always these cowboys. These risk takers who knew what they wanted whilst looking upon convention as child play, fit only for those stale enough to wait in line. The world considered them crooks, misfits and undesirables. These were family members, family friends, strangers and familiar faces among many others who wandered through my youth. I looked up to them as an object of my desire. As a monument and testimony to personal and collective freedom.

At times, they would avoid paying taxes, rates, they didnt acquire building permits, they may have gotten into fights or even flooded their own living room. Cowboys live by their honour. Honour comes before the law and before social convention. Cowboys come from a place of truth. A solid truth that can not be shaken or stirred by any loophole, clause, red tape or government agency. When you come from truth, there is only prosperity as an outcome.

When we say ‘cowboy’, we dont mean those smoky old men with the 10 gallon hats riding out west. Ive met cowboys who grow medicine, challenge the crown, who operate in the darkness to make money to support their families and extended communities. Ive met cowboys who steal groceries from corporations to feed starving artists. Cowboys who have never filled out a tax return, who challenge the inherited acceptance and stand for what they believe in. Cowboys who have tuned in, turned on and dropped out. When i was a boy, cowboy Jack pulled out a chainsaw and started it up to make the point that he was going to be heard!

In saying all this, i consider Gandhi a cowboy. Jesus was also a cowboy. When folks down in Boganvilla took their land back from rio tinto and the other mining giants, that was the work of fine cowboydom. These men and women have been the inspiration who planted the seed of my blossoming cowboy spirit.

Being a cowboy is allowing your life to be the conduit of your deepest desires. It allows you to be the change that you want to see. Dont let the fear of repression and seclusion stop you from being the youest you, for the betterment of mankind.

This is not a callout for anarchy or disorder. This is a callout for truth. The ultimate, undeniable, grotty, smelly truth! It is not about breaking the law for your own selfish consumption. Its about the honouring of the cowboy in all of us. – Duuvy Jester, July 4th 2015, Nimbin Australia




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