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Preparing for the course – part 1 (the fat’s in the fire)

Preparing for the course – part 1 (the fat’s in the fire)

With the highly anticipated Regenerative Biotecture Course launching in less than a months time, there is a lot to prepare. There is infrastructure such as showers, communal kitchen and classroom areas to build. We will also be harvesting and milling our own timber from site to use during the course, sourcing local/organic produce, building materials and much more!

The future is looking very bright for those who can see the light beyond the crack in the wall. We can only depend on ourselves to bring in this new era of unity/co-existence or whatever you would like to call it. That’s the collective ‘we’ or the eternal ‘I’. You and only you can free yourself. If individually we free our souls and recognise our truth, together we can help build the future.

Keep your eye on the news section of the website for regular updates on all the preparation. The journey is going to be a hoot!

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Terraeden Biotecture


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