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Regenerative Biotecture Course – this year!

Regenerative Biotecture Course – this year!

Regenerative Biotecture is the discipline of life on planet Earth, in its entirety. Questions you may want answered – What happens beyond survival? What is a healthy home? How do I build my own home? My own garden? Is food actually medicine? What role does water play in my life? 

Welcome to the first of many RB courses facilitated by Terraeden Biotecture. What you will be walking away with will be an honourable title in Regenerative Biotecture (RB). Our main focus is on ‘big picture learning’. BPL is looking at the whole learning experience. The integration of head, hand, gut and soul education. During the course you will get hands on building experience, classroom time, there will be open-circle discussions and onsite tutoring.

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  1. Tahnee

    Wow guys, awesome job on communicating what you’re all about so simply!! Awesome logo too. Pit me on the mailing list so i can keep updTed with your growth. (& keep myself inspired).
    Lots of love and a big smile
    Tahnee xoxo

  2. Joe

    Thanks for the info and inspiration kind folk. I’mquite recently immersed into the natural building world, and now involved in earthern construction in north east Thailand…. It is the fuel for my fire, and being from OZ it’s gonna be nice to keep my finger in the pulse re. What’s happening @ home.
    Hope to dance and sculpt in the mud with you in a future moment.


    1. Don Wells

      Hi Joe, Are you talking about Chang Rae in north east Thailand? I believe there are a few interesting buildings/communities going on there, I was in Korat, visiting Pimai (ancient city) on the day you sent that reply (9/07/2014). I am planning to go there (Chang Rai) hopefully next year. I have applied to do RB course in Jan 2015, I live in the nimbin region so really looking forward to getting involved in the process. Cheers from Aus’, Don Wells

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