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RBC sessions

Regenerative Biotecture is the discipline of life on planet Earth, in its entirety. Questions you may want answered – What happens beyond survival? What is a healthy home? How do I build my own home? My own garden? Is food actually medicine? What role does water play in my life? 


Welcome to the RB course info page. Read on to discover the ins’ and outs’ of what you will take part in and enjoy during one of our highly acclaimed courses. What you will be walking away with will be an honourable title in Regenerative Biotecture (RB). Our main focus is on ‘big picture learning’ which is looking at the whole learning experience. The integration of head, hand, gut and soul education. During the course you will get hands on building experience, classroom time, there will be open-circle discussions, guest speakers and onsite tutoring.



The course will be completely catered for with three meals a day plus plenty of fresh fruit and refreshments. The meals will be made with love out of local/organic ingredients.  There will be a large focus on nutrition for wellbeing and higher learning. It is said that a healthy mind and body starts from the gut outwards. This is the intention set for your sustenance during the course. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements we need to be aware of when you apply.



Courses are set in sub-tropical northern NSW. The region is rich with culture, environmental innovation and fertile land. Being very close to the Nimbin valley, you will have exposure to one of the most prolific counter culture movements in the country. Come and find out how people have been existing here for nearly half a century.

You will spend most of your experience on our school site! It lays on 100 acres of sub-tropical paradise within the Nimbin valley. You will be instrumental in the development of the school from scratch to triumph.

This is going to be a wonderful opportunity to experience different types of structures that encompass the Earthship design concept. Gain the skills to turn this wonderful design concept into a malleable beast, adaptable at its core and suited to any bioregion.



Classes will be held by facilitators experienced in areas of building, land design, food production, soil science and more. Below is a list of subjects that will be taught throughout the duration of the course:

  • The home’s integrated natural systems

  • World climates & seasonal weather patterns. What is your climate?

  • Adapting design concept to your area

  • Phenology and us.

  • Harvesting and reusing water

  • Patterns in nature, the matrix of life.

  • Home as a vehicle for spirit

  • Overall design including client brief

  • Building with natural materials

  • Community structures – evolution 



You will learn skills everyday with your own hands through the guidance of experienced builders and teachers. You will be building anything from full scale homes, cottages, gardens to different pieces of infrastructure. What you will be building will differ from session to session. Here is a list of skills you may acquire during your time with us: 

  • superadobe

  • roofing (green and other)

  • formwork building

  • bottle wall construction

  • can work

  • straw bale

  • bamboo star dome

  • natural rendering

  • in house food production

  • out door food production

  • plumbing

  • electrical

  • solar

  • water systems



While doing the course, everyone is welcome to stay onsite and camp, free of charge. A large part of this type of learning is living in community. You will be living, learning, building, eating and evolving with the same group of people for the whole time you are here. You will need to bring whatever it is that makes you feel comfortable in your surrounds.

One week courses – $750

19th – 26th June

23rd – 30th August

20th – 26th November

Four day courses – $420

16th – 19th October

Where? – Subtropical northern NSW (exact location given to successful applicants.

Day sessions are also available at a reduced rate. contact us for more details

Please note; Course fees are non refundable seven days prior to course commencement

If you have any further questions or queries please feel free to contact us

“I believe in god, only I spell it n-a-t-u-r-e” – Frank Lloyd Wright



Duuvy Jester

Duuvy is an Environmental builder based in Northern NSW. He has built enviro homes all the way from New Mexico to Australia along with countless retrofit projects. He, along with the rest of the Terraeden crew have been at the fore front of eco-building education in Australia. Duuvy specialises in Big Picture Education and is hell bent on delivering it to as many people as possible. 

Ian Todd

Ian is a licensed concreter with over twenty five years of experience in the industrial and domestic sector. He is an owner builder, constructing homes for his family wherever they live. With his deep love of ‘home’, Ian has embraced natural building techniques as a way for more people to afford their own dwellings by taking the daunting job of construction into their own hands.

Caroline Todd

Caroline has been enthusiastic about plants all of her life with nearly 30 years of experience in land and garden design. For the last twenty years she has raised family with Ian, exploring the balance between community and the environment. She has lived in the bush, at the beach and now Nimbin where she has studied permaculture, adult teaching and radio broadcasting. Caroline brings the ethics of Earth care, people care and fair share to the collective.


Participant Reviews

Building up such a beautiful community and opening your homes, your minds and hearts to share everything that makes you the youest you that you can be. 
I had a really great time with the whole Terraeden Crew and the rest of the RB course! I definitely learned a lot. We had amazing talks and learnt so much from all the beautiful souls around you. It was an intense, fun and lovefilled 2 weeks in the Nimbin Valley and if I find my way back to Australia one day I’m sure to visit you at your newly build up school. And if not, i’ll give you a call once I start building up my Earthship-Yoga-Retreat-Center (or what ever ) in Namibia. Big-, more than 20 seconds to release your endorphins,- Group-hug! 

Jenny. 23 years old, Namibia


It was very interesting being involved in the first workshop building an Earthship. The experience was way more than I had anticipated. I wanted hands on knowledge with building an Earthship which came in spades, the bonus was meeting so many likeminded people, keen and passionate about sustainability and revitalising the spirit and power of community living. I wish you all the best in your endeavours to continue these workshops – your drive and enthusiasm, vision and purpose, is very infectious and a bonus to all those individuals yet to share in your dreams. Keep it up…

David. 60 years old, Melbourne


My expectations for the Regenerative Biotecture course included plenty of time in the sun, natural building technique learning and getting to the heart of healthy eating and food production…

The reality of the whole experience was SO MUCH MORE. Granted your going to get a big whack of all the above, (especially the delicious and nutritious yum yums) also prepare yourself for an immersive time of soul searching, heart opening and humbling connections with land, humanity and the human spirit.
My thanks go out to Caroline, Duuvy and Ian. They and the other facilitators you will meet have an inexplicable knack, cultivated through a hierarchy free, choose-your-own-adventure ethos, that encourages and guides participants to give and take from the many experiences offered what matters most to you as the individual.

Go with an open mind hungry for knowledge, growth and perspective. Leave with all that learning, a revitalised view of the potential for life on planet Earth and hopefully, like me, refreshed eyes and hearts for a brighter, livelier tomorrow

Sean, Melbourne