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Plans for Earth school in full swing!

Plans for Earth school in full swing!

There has been talk for some time now about peak oil, different flavours of economical crisis, fracking but most importantly, people reconnecting with nature and their true self. People are sparked with passion. They are humbled and excited by progress!

Something to think about however, is what is the answer? Is there ‘an’ answer or are there many answers? To make up a forest, there are unimaginable amounts of symbiosis, co-operation, competition, passion and most commonly amongst organisms, the urge to procreate and grow. We are not only part of this planet, we are the planet… collectively. The things that separate us from the planet are exactly the same things that connect us to the planet.

On a physical level and non-physical level, we are collectively one planet. Even the creep with the boot polish hair who you were trying to avoid at the pub last week is totally connected to you and the waters and everything! Nice thought, ay?


A good place to start is by starting with yourself. To encourage global shifts in understanding, it can happen from the centre, outwards. Teaching by example is a great conduit for this change we all yearn for.

For the past couple of years, we have been running workshops and courses in Earthship and natural building. We always like to sneak in lectures on permaculture, land management, biochar and other areas of ‘humans living on planet Earth’. While all this is going on, we focus on feeding people mainly local/organic, nutrient dense food to suit any diet and preference. We facilitated and organised the initial session of Australia’s first complete Earthship. We replaced the concrete roof with hemp and we have facilitated three more builds where we have adapted the design concept to suit the bioregion.

Now, we have acquired a 100 acre site to set up as a permanent school for living on planet Earth. It is what we like to call an ‘open air’ school.


This school is turning into what looks like a hub for the ancient, new and impossible! A canvas fit for experimental trials and well practised, historical techniques. When any great mind is presented with a problem, he/she approaches it as an opportunity to break new ground! Einstein had his critics when it came to theory of relativity! Justin Beiber had his critics when it came to calling himself a musician(although there is definitely some truth to that)! The fat is in the fire and it is well and truly getting crispy.

Here is a list of some areas we will be covering in course curriculum:

  • Natural Building
  • Harvesting and using recycled materials
  • Water harvesting and reuse innovations
  • Dealing with your pooh! (in the most literal sense of the word)
  • Human and land symbiosis
  • Small and large scale food production
  • Energy innovations
  • Community infrastructure
  • Communication aerobics
  • Land design/management
  • Soil health
  • Gut health
  • Land regeneration
  • Art in nature

That is just to name some of the areas being covered. Once the rabbit hole is opened, the possibilities stretch as far as that rabbit can run. All of the areas covered is information that we possess inherently within us all. What we are doing is giving you a little reminder and giving you some tools to actualise the information you already possess.

The great part about this whole thing is… the school is going to be built by you! The students. So for those of you who venture through the looking glass (especially in the early stages) will be able to watch the child grow into a fully functioning, responsible adult. Full of wisdom and charm.


Every stage of building the school will be held as a course. For example, the first thing needed for a school is access. So, the first course will be an infrastructure course where people will learn:

  • Where the best place to put roads are
  • Earthmoving delegation
  • Drainage
  • Water in land forms
  • Water collection
  • Building dams, etc


To grow something as a community of people, all focussed on slight variations of the same goal, is acknowledging the direct link in existence that we have with the rest of the planet. Building something based on this foundation of understanding is the footing of something very special.

What is going to be your story when you leave this planet? What is your myth going to look like? Dr Seuss said ‘be the youest you’ that you can possibly be. Who you are is going to change as your life rolls on. What is being offered here is grounding, understanding and real life tools for you to go and live out whatever version of yourself that it is that you want to be living.

Welcome to the Gondwana Institute…




  1. Pj

    I’m seeking some more info in regards to how long the course/s go for and how much? I live on the gold coast in upper coomera and I’m about to start a dog wash and pressure cleaning company as a stepping stone to hopefully find some land and become self sustainable. I’m really interested in permaculture, bio-techture, aquaponics, hemp Crete building, earthships, greenhouse pyramids. I would really love to learn more in these areas and everything and anything I haven’t listed that will help 🙂 look forward to your reply.

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