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Event: Building with bottles workshop!

Building with bottles workshop!


After a short break from putting on events, the crew at Terraeden are back and ready to fill this winter with more fun, practical and informative workshops! The first one being an in depth look into building with glass bottles.

Glass bottles have been used in alternative buildings all over the world for well over a century now. The use of bottles in buildings became popularised by the countercultures of western countries around the late 60s and early 70s. Michael Reynolds of Earthship Biotecture pioneered the used of bottles within the Earthship design concept.

Building with glass bottles has many benefits. For one, it saves the amount of raw materials needed to fill a wall space by filling in the bulk of the area with the bottle bricks. It also saves energy on the processing that goes into recycling the glass at a recycling plant. The round shape of the bottles also allows you to make walls any shape as long as the walls are upright. This opens up an almost limitless world of creative potential. Bottles can also be made into see-through bricks that allow for a wild selection of design and colour.

The workshop is going to be facilitated by Duuvy Jester of Terraeden Biotecture. Duuvy was trained in New Mexico by Michael Reynolds and the rest of the Earthship Biotecture crew. He has organised and facilitated builds in Australia for the past 6 years including Australia’s first Earthship and the current development of the Terraeden Farm learning hub.

Here are some things that will be covered in the workshop:

setting up a site for a non load bearing, see through bottle wall

assessing the site for design limitations

making sure the bottle wall is secure and strong

learning the physics of bottle wall construction

making see-through bottle bricks out of whole bottles

how to work with colour

making mortar mixes

working with oxides

making and applying finishing plaster

setting bottle bricks in the wall accurately

and other areas of design and practical skills

When? – Saturday 7thJuly 2018

Where? – Terraeden Farm, Nimbin NSW (address given to successful applicants)

How Much? – $80

Please send expressions of interest to us by sending us a private message on the Terraeden Biotecture facebook page

Thank you for reading and we look forward to meeting you all

Much love from all the crew at Terraeden Farm! 🙂