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Duuvy Jester – talking soon in a town near you?

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Have you been living a life that is missing a bearded, long haired, mud slingin’, strange mouthed, engaging and informative public speaker? Then you need look no further! No more living in the dark for you. That entertaining earthen hobbit is just one booking away from lighting up your environmental event.

Duuvy Jester is an experienced public speaker. He has been conducting talks on Earthships and natural building for the last 4 years. Whether its speaking in large auditoriums or down to an intimate group of enthusiasts, Duuvy always delivers a quality show. You can see interviews, articles and past presentations here.

Jester ventured to Taos, New Mexico in 2011 to learn how to build a start to finish Earthship. While there, he was taught the physics, science, philosophy and application that supports the Earthship design concept. He also discovered the true meaning of community and comradery. The close nit circle within the belly of the Earthship family in Taos is damned near one of the most supportive, close, entertaining and inspirational families out there. Duuvy had no choice but to try and bring this experience back to Australia.

In Australia, Jester formed a collective called Terraeden Biotecture which consisted of builders, permaculture teachers, artists and freaks! They ventured boldly towards facilitating and building the first ever start to finish Earthship in Australia.

After that experience, Duuvy was left wondering ‘what can we do to adapt this design concept to different bioregions?’

From there the crew experimented with different building materials and applications. They started incorporating the garden. Then they even started to incorporate the history of the area, personal growth and other variables. Fine tuning the design experience until one day Duuvy landed on a complete, holistic design concept of his own.

it is called…

living home

The Living Home encompasses many areas of life and explores them through this very comprehensive and easy to follow design process. It covers everything from home design, land design, personal growth, research, death and more! You can read more about it right over here!

With the end of the year fast approaching, consider having Duuvy speak at your next environmental festival, event or even if you want to host him for one of his Living Home seminars.

He can prepare a presentation that can run from anywhere from half an hour to four and a half hours. It can be a brief overview of the concept, an in depth presentation or it can even be a focused design workshop.

Contact us here at Terraeden for more information and to enquire about getting Duuvy to talk in a town near you!

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