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Duuvy Jester

Duuvy, coming from a background in hospitality, business and basic Babylonian mediocrity, became frustrated with life dedicated to economy and material evolution. He one day got rid of it all and decided to go study and work with the Earthship crew in Taos, New Mexico. There, Duuvy was trained and groomed in the art of Earthship science, physics, philosophy and building. This was only the beginning. Duuvy became driven by taking what he had learned and applying it to entire land design with real focus on natural systems and the ‘spirit of nature’.

From there, he flew back to Australia and met a dedicated gang of inspired individuals. The result was the organising and facilitation of ‘Australia’s first Earthship’. From there Duuvy became very interested in ‘big picture’ education and the plans for a ‘life on planet Earth’ school are now in full swing! The future is a very exciting place to be somersaulting towards. 

Caroline Todd

Caroline has been enthusiastic about plants all of her life. For the last twenty years she has raised family with Ian, exploring the balance between community and the environment. She has lived in the bush, at the beach and now Nimbin where she has studied permaculture, adult teaching and radio broadcasting. You can hear her show live on Nimfm 102.3 in Nimbin or stream it on Caroline brings the ethics of Earth care, people care and fair share to the collective.