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Community News – Blue Mountains work day

Community News – Blue Mountains work day

Camp Fort – Earth Village

an interview with Steve Appel from King Curly

This is a two part news story about a village started in the Blue Mountains and an upcoming working bee on the property. Details of the working bee will be given at the end of the article.

Spending the larger part of my early to mid-twenties in the whiskey stained streets of inner city Melbourne served as an inspiration for the quest of beauty and nature. There were many happy spots that temporarily quenched a longing thirst. Places like ‘laughing waters’ in Eltham and the ‘black spur’ behind Warburton. The towering mountain ash trees, the running water sweet enough to almost pass as a confectionary and Bruno’s sculpture garden. As far as senses go, music played a sizeable role in this evolution. This search for beauty.

One Band that stands out in memory is King Curly. Here is an interview had with Steve Appel, the singer from the group:

Terraeden – Tell us a little about this village in the Blue Mountains. Is there a vision?

Steve Appel – Its called Camp Fort . A kind of outpost. Not sure i have a vision. I’m obsessive and like making things. I used to make music and now I make mud buildings. I like working with mud because its beautiful mainly.

T – Oh nice one. Are the buildings going to be used for anything? are they going to be lived in?

SA – Of course. We want to live in a more kind of shared way with another family around 1779322_10152050448122266_290361409_na single big working garden. The tyre hut has been where woofers have been staying. Me and my family of five are living in the first building now (the boathouse) – it’s one big room. Hopeing to move into the mansion sometime this year and then we can rent the boathouse for a while.

T – Coming from a background in music, how did the transition from music to building happen?

SA – I came back from a USA tour. It was great but I guess I just couldnt see what to do when we got back. Its a hard slog and I kinda lost my mojo or something. Might come back I guess. But to be honest, building this way is not unlike making songs for me.

T – What an awesome transition. Having some down-time and playing with clay. All those minerals must be doing some kind of good! did you already have the property lined up or did you decide to buy when you got back?

SA – Nah. I had no idea of doing anything except music. I was desperate to do something 1912486_10152034309707266_1099297153_ndifferent and we spied this land which no one would touch because of all the council/environment restrictions on it. Took the plunge and so far it seems to have worked out fucking fantastic!

Working Bee

This weekend you can come and lend a hand in the family’s latest project. you will learn cob and light straw skills. They are going to put on lunch for people who come along.

It will run from 8am – 4pm this Saturday, 8th March.

They are capping attendance at 20 people so bookings are essential!

Make sure you wear clothes you can get dirty in and some good hardy boots.

For bookings and enquires, contact Steve on 0414 368 458 or

Happy Cobbing folks!




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