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Based in the Rainbow region (Northern NSW), Terraeden Biotecture is at the fore front of environmental building/education in Australia. We run courses and seminars on skills required to live a happy and healthy off-grid lifestyle. This includes but is not limited to natural/recycled building, land design/management, water harvesting, sewerage treatment, food security and engaging with your true life purpose and creativity.

I would like to talk about our name. When first you see the word Terraeden, you may notice that it is made up of a union of two words; Terra and Eden. Terra’ being the latin word for planet Earth and ‘Eden’ defined as home for the immortal. This is the foundation of Terraeden Biotecture as a collective. We are encouraging and assisting people gain the tools they need to empower themselves.This will in turn help us all restore our relationship with this planet to something more permanent.

We teach the Living Home design concept which was developed here by Terraeden’s own, Duuvy Jester. It is a fully comprehensive look into the individuals journey from within, all the way down to a finished home site. The Living Home explores not only the ‘how’ but the ‘why’ of building and design. It is a design process that the adventurer travels through at least three times. This is done to reach the clearest possible conclusion. There are 11 steps in the entire process and they go as follows: 

  1. Life purpose
  2. Where you draw your inspiration from
  3. Your home as a conduit for your inspiration
  4. Ancient knowledge
  5. Society/governmental role in your design
  6. Being your own myth
  7. Dreaming big
  8. The art of letting go
  9. Taking time and understanding signs
  10. Adapting design to suit your bioregion
  11. Death

To build a healthy, functional home, you must firstly discover who you are and where you are headed.

This is moving away from standardisation and into diverse adaptation of design. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, what the land requirements are, what materials are in abundance and whatever else the variables are, you can build a home that is healthy and that looks after you as a part of planet Earth.

A large focus of what we do involves building. Not only are you taught the Living Home concept, but you are also shown different building techniques that may help you take charge of building your own dream home. During courses, people are working, living, cooking and sleeping in community. A very important part of the mission we seem to be on as a race, reconnecting.

So our mission is to keep building, keep teaching, keep evolving systems, materials and practices as the planet evolves to the excitement that awaits us all in the future.